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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the “soft” martial arts developed by the ancient Chinese. It is practiced as a means of meditation, exercise and stress management. Tai Chi is a series of slow controlled movements or postures often practiced outdoors to take advantage of the surrounding energy of nature.

Regular practice can increase flexibility and strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. Best of all, it is fun, it is non competitive and helps to stimulate the learning process.
Classes are at the Wagstaffe Hall on Tuesdays during the school term.

Beginners at 9.15am, includes Warm Up & Joint Exercises, Qigong Shibashi and Tai Chi.
Advanced at 10.30am, includes Warm Up Exercises, Qigong, Tai Chi and Weapons.

Phone Jacquie Dawson on 4360 2665 or 0408 602669 OR Lesley Sieper 0410 479884 for more information.

Instructors are registered with the Australian Academy of Tai Chi (AATC) and have undergone a comprehensive training programme before gaining their teaching certificate.


Yoga classes are held every Monday morning between 9.30 and 11am. The instructor is Gai Davies. Ring Gai on 4360 1854 for further information.


Every Friday afternoon ( except the fourth Friday of each month), the wonderful card game of Bridge is available in the Wagstaffe Hall starting at 1.30pm. Members, mostly from the local community, have been playing for many years under the name of the Old Wags’ Bridge Group.

The game is a friendly one lasting a couple of hours. East-West players do not move around, but bid and score in duplicate and players can see how they have performed on each hand against others in the group.

Participants are not members of the Bridge Federation and do not play for points of any kind.

The level is approaching intermediate, but beginners, who have completed basic lessons in the game of bridge, have the opportunity to increase their experience and confidence in this environment and are most welcome to join the group.

An experienced player is usually on-hand to advise anyone who may like assistance with their bidding and/or card play. Also, it is not necessary to come along with a partner.

For Sydney weekenders it is a pleasant chance to come up early on a Friday and join in. At $1 a head subscription, the cost can only be called reasonable!!! All proceeds are returned to the Hall.

Enquiries can be made by telephoning 02 4360 1820 or 02 4360 1612.

Clinical Pilates

This class is on Thursdays from 9.30 to 10.30am. Details from Jo Frize on 4360 2707.


2010 marks five years of the Thursday MahJong group playing regularly. Each week the group meets to play, with the exception of School holidays.

The game is played at Wagstaffe Hall each Thursday at 2.0pm --5.0 pm.

There is a charge of $1.00 each week of playing.......where else can you enjoy such a fun and friendly afternoon at that price ?

This group provides an opportunity for people to learn the game and enjoy the social contacts made. The game is suited to all ages of men and women. Over the years many people have been taught the game at Wagstaffe. For some it has meant rekindling fond memories of family holidays and a treasured set of tiles . For others this is a new skill and offers special opportunities to purchase a set of tiles and share the game with grandchildren ........a new generation of fond memories from Wagstaffe !

The game played at Wagstaffe Hall is the modern game which has evolved from the original Chinese form. While we all learn the basic game we can move on to more challenging games. The more you play the more proficient you become. There is a measure of luck as well as skill in the playing of MahJong. Here is an invitation to join in a stimulating and friendly afternoon of MahJong located in the Wagstaffe Hall amid the ambience of parkland, birds, ferries and the beautiful Brisbane Water.

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