Albert St Petition Lodged

Following an outcry from the residents along the unpaved section of Albert St Wagstaffe after wash-aways and property damage during the recent rains, the Community Association was asked to assist.  Isolated requests have been lodged with council for many years to have something done to improve the quality of this access road / shared pedestrian road, with no action other than occasional grading.

WTKCA has submitted a formal letter to the Administrator noting the issue and requirements to be met, with a request for urgent allocation of funds to design a solution and have it added to the capital works budget.  This was supported by a petition signed by 140 people – direct residents, other locals and visitors alike, all of whom make use of this section of road for access to properties and to Bouddi NP.

This same request was copied to the local state MP Adam Crouch and to the major party candidates for the upcoming Federal election to put on notice the concerns of residents and their desire for basic infrastructure to be provided and maintained.  Grant funding may be required, so their involvement could prove crucial.

Next up – the state of our local roads.