A New Planning System for NSW

The NSW Government recently released a GREEN PAPER which outlined proposals for a new planning system for the state. This followed a review of the current planning system by an independent panel.

In commenting on the Green Paper, the Central Coast’s Community Environment Network stated – ” The Government’s vision for planning in NSW presents a real threat for the environment and communities. The Green Paper is weighted towards developer interests at the expense of environmental protection, adequate community consultation at all stages of the development approval process and appeal rights so that legitimate concerns regarding over development can be reviewed or heard in the Land and Environment Court.”

The Association sourced a copy of the Green Paper and held several meetings at Committee level to discuss it, and local town planner, Dr Helen Monks, addressed our monthly meeting in September on the issues which could be important for us. Subsequently, our Co-Presidents, Dr Peta Colebatch and Ian Bull have forwarded a submission on our behalf. There is a link to the submission below.

The closing date for submissions has now passed. The next step will be the release of a government White Paper, perhaps later this year. Following consultation on this Paper, an Act will be be promulgated and presented to Parliament. There will therefore be continuing opportunities to make our views known. In fact there would certainly be no harm done even now to write to the Premier, the Planning Minister and/or your local member.

Click HERE to link to our Association Submission.